Our Customers

We are addressing small and middle sized companies who are developing software for their own or need tailored software for their business and want to keep an eye on their costs and software development companies who have a shortage in their development capacities. For these customers we offer a services which covers all project phases from concept over implementation to long term support.

Outsourcing to China

China is a country with many assets for the software development. A highly developed, providential infrastructure and a huge amount of excellent trained software developers to name only some of them. But for smaller companies the development outsourcing to China is difficult to calculate. Essential for this situation are incertanties in the regulatory environment, economic and political factors and the frictional loss when it comes to differences about the goals of a project or the common sense about things between contract partners because they don't speak "the same language".

These and further incertainties are addressed by theMachinery. We provide successful software development outsourcing to China for our customers because we speak their language and make software development outsourcing calculable.