Project Realisation

We realise projects in close cooperation with our customers. The early addressing of upcoming problems and collective steering towards good results lead to satisfaction on both sides and unobstracted project realisation.

In draft the project process looks like following:

First Contact

Even before we talk about contracts we think it is important to talk with each other to gain a first overview about the project goals and ensure their feasibility.

If you have questions about the realisibility of a project idea feel free to send us an e-mail and we will try to help you with our expertise.


The begin of a project is naturally marked by an engaging contract from your side. During the contract negotiations we will provide you with a detailed price calculation and a draft project plan including an overview of the intended milestones.

Requirements / Design / Prototype

Parallel to collecting the project requirements together with you we will work on a first draft of the system architecture and especially implement already a first prototype. The realisation of an functioning prototype in this early stage is a crucial starting point to lead an iterative software development forceful towards its goal On the basis of this prototype we will refine the requirements and are able to check the system design up on weaknesses.

Iterative Development

The development is proceeding in small iterations. In each iteration some functionality is added to the prototype. In this way the prototype is step by step extended until the full functional system is realised which includes all collected requirements. Each small iteration leads to a fully functional prototype which can be used by you to see the project progress and control if the results still meet your expectations.

Changes / Enhancements

With this flexible kind of development it is natural that during the implementation phase new ideas about functionality comes up or the wish of changes. We always agree to these changes and the plan of the next iteration will be adapted accordingly. Extensions which exceed the original scope of our contract will be discussed and lead to an parallel extension of our contract when the plus in implentation cannot be covered by the original contract.

Quality Management

In principal quality goes before functionality!

Ensuring the already implemented functionality is our biggest concern. During the development cycles, especially at the end of each iteration, regression test are carried out to make sure that new functionality, besides the correct functioning, does not interfere with already developed functions. The end of each iteration is marked by integration and system tests.

Delivery / Installation

Complex system installations will be done during the delivery. Therefore an installation team will install the system on your target machines and make sure that the system is running correct. During this installation it exists the possibility to train one or more adminstrators from your side in the installation and maintenance of the developed software. Administration Handbooks will be delivered before the system delivery.


After the delivery and installation and perhaps needed system test to optimise the systems performance you are asked to run an acceptance test in which you test all functionality according to the requirements in presence of our installation team. Finally you can confirm the correct operation of the system.

The final acceptance marks the official end of the project.


We guarantee the stipulated functionality for all by us implemented software applications, components or websites for 12 month. If within this time problems with the software arise we will resolve them without payment.


Subsequent to a successful project we offer you support for the whole duration of the systems operation. The support covers help in questions of administration and usage of the system. Furthermore we are willing to help you in optimisation of the system and adaption and smaller enhencements to meet upcoming requirements within our support.

For the support we offer the following service level:

  • Online support during our chinese office time
  • Online support during our chinese and german office time
  • On-Site support according to our hourly rate
  • 24x7 Support

We will be happy to offer you a support package with service levels and reaction times which is tailored directly to your needs.


According to the complexity of the developed software system we can offer you extended training for administrators to enable them to carry out first level support. This training will emphazise on the overall system architecture, the administration with all possibilities of optimisation and system maintenance.

Additionally we can provide you with training for system users and / or a trainer training directly on site in your company.