Tools for cooperative Software Development

We are using a set of tools to support our project technically and which will provide you with the possibility to bring in your ideas or have a look over our shoulders. The access to these instruments will be granted over secured internet connections.


An important tool which provides a fast overview about the proceeding and status of a project is the dashboard. Here all important parameter are displayed in a concentrated form which allows us to see the project state with one glance.

Issue Management System

The Issue Management System will be available to provide a possibility for immediate reporting of found bugs or desired changes with the creation of a ticket which can in the following be used to monitor the progress on the work of this issue. Additionally we are using the ticketing system to assign tasks to our developers which gives you the full transparency about who is working on which part of the system.

Wiki / Forum

For projects who are bigger and have a longer realisation time it has turned out that additional communication medias are very useful. In these projects we provide the project team with a project specific wiki where all important conclusions and adaptions for example to 3rd party products are documented.

If a further discussion platform is needed we provide an additional project specific forum in which discussions for example about the user interface can take place and the results are recorded to make the decision process traceable.

Source Repository

All documents which are created within the project will be stored and versioned in a source repository. This includes the source code, all design documents, sketches and presentation slides.

Screecasts / Documentation

We are using all kinds of media to document our doing. All documentation will be done in form of a website which can be maintained during and after the project phase so that the documentation always reflects the current development. This documentation will cover the architecture, administration and usage of the system. Additional PDF versions of these documents will be available.

For online user training we will create screencasts. These small films will show the usage of user interfaces including the explanations which can be viewed in a browser.