Our company develops software with state-of-the-art methods.

Test Driven Software Development

Quality comes first!

That is the reason why automatic test for each requirement are developed before the implemetation of the functionality. This guarantees that later changes and extensions don't interfere or invalidate existing functionality.

Additionally to automatic tests, test cases are developed for all requirements which have to be executed in each implementation increment with the result that after each development cycle a fully functional prototype is available.

Rational Unified Process (RUP)

Our development process is controlled with the RUP. Compared to the classic waterfall model the RUP gets rid of the static development steps towards high flexibility and therefore allows a proactive handling of development risks which leads to higher quality results in shorter time.

In this context we would like to point you to the OpenUP Project where you can find further informations about this subject.

Extreme Programming (XP)

Besides RUP we use the method of Extreme Programming. This is included within the RUP especially for sustained development. In breaking up the classic ownership for parts of the source code in XP the deep knowledge about the system architecture and the developed program code is distributed over all involved developers. This guarantees the sustained availability of the needed knowledge to extend and maintain a system for a long time.

Extreme Programming is driven by the Agile Alliance where you can find more detailed informations.


In completion to the RUP we are using the Scrum method because of its emphasis on self-organisation. This leads to recurring optimisation of the development process and therefore to a more successful and faster project realisation.

Scrum is developed by the Scrum Alliance where you can find further information. Interesting in this context might be an article of Joe Krebs: RUP in the Dialogue with Scrum to give you a more complete image how we are using Scrum together with RUP.